Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Mia Thompson Interview

Today, I have the great privilege to announce something new and exciting on PeterHogenkampWrites: the AuthorInterview series, because if you know what an author's favorite cookie is (see question #9) you are much more likely to buy her books. My daughter Abby's favorite author, Mia Thompson, is in the spotlight today, and I have to say that Mia did a masterful job of answering the questions. Thanks, Mia. Before we begin, a quick bit about Mia:

Mia Thompson was born in Sweden and moved to the United States at the age of 19 to attend the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. She graduated with a degree in screenwriting in 2007 and has since become the author of a bestselling New Adult Thriller series about Beverly Hills heiress and vigilante, Sapphire Dubois. The series’ first two novels, STALKING SAPPHIRE and SILENCING SAPPHIRE, were published by Diversion Books in 2013.

Q#1: If you could rewrite one of the scenes from Game of Thrones, which scene would you choose and how would you change it?

Mia: Sadly, I’ve already thought of this, the same way I rewrote the God forsaking ending of Dexter in my mind. The Jon Snow death scene (the TV show’s death, not the book’s.) However, instead of saving poor Jon Snow, I’d have it play out exactly as it did. Then, in the last frame as he’s laying there, his blood spreading in the snow, we’d see the back of a red haired woman as she looks down on him; Ygritte has come to collect him.

Is it GOT-y? No, but I’d be happier.

Q#2: HBO wants to make a series out of your life: Who would play Mia Thompson?

Mia: The only person in Hollywood who’d even accept this role would be Christopher Walken, because he’ll play anything. (Sorry, Christopher.)

Q#3: What is the title of your Autobiography? Why did you choose that title?

Mia: A Series of Peculiar Events. After many years of denial, I’ve come to accept that I’m peculiar. And the series of events that have been caused by that peculiar-ness is what brought me where I am today, somewhere I’m happy to be.   

Q#4: Ten years from now, where are you and what are you doing?

Mia: Besides from the obvious NY Times best-seller goals every author has, I would also love to have started working with my secondary passion at that point, animal rescue.

Q#5: Aside from reading and writing, what are your favorite pastimes?

Mia: I really, really wish I’d have an answer for this, but as my life is right now, I don’t have any other pastimes. Excessive coffee drinking and binge watching Netflix, are those pastimes?

Q#6: You've been selected to have dinner with the author of your choice: Who would you choose and why?

Mia: Keeping with the GOT theme here, I’d pick George R.R Martin. If nothing, just to psychoanalyze his childhood. The man has been traumatized by something.

Q#7: You get the opportunity to travel through time and space for one day. What day in the history of the world do you experience first hand?

Mia: I’ve actually had to think about this a lot lately since I’m working on a novel (not the Sapphire Dubois series) where this comes up.

It’s a tossup between two days. One: the day of the Big Bang 14 billion years ago, if we’re correct about that. Simply because I’d love to see every detail of how it all came about. Two: August 2, 1934, when Hitler declared himself F├╝hrer. With the dangers of the butterfly effect, I wouldn’t change anything, but I would love to go back to that day just so I could slap Hitler across the face. One fat slap for humanity.

Q8: You're in college, and you have to take one of the four following courses to meet graduation requirements. Which course do you choose and why? 1) The evolution of birds  2) Accounting 101 3) Nietzsche and the Advent of Existentialism 4) Religious Themes in 20th Century Literature.

Mia: Nietzsche and Existentialism. Not because I necessarily dispute that there’s a force higher than ourselves like he did, but because I’m a sucker for Philosophy.  

Q9: What is your favorite cookie?

Mia: My grandmother’s Swedish raisin cookies. After she passed, one of my relatives found the recipe and gave it to me. I’ve made them since, and they taste good, but never as good as hers.

Q10: Cake v. Pie. You can have one piece of either cake or pie. Which do you choose and what kind? (I am a blackberry pie man myself.)

Mia: Being born in Sweden, a country whose signature desserts include strawberry and princess cake, I feel slightly traitorous saying this, but pecan pie and I have become very tight over the past few years and I don’t know if I could live without it.

Q11: Professor Xavier wants to make you one of the X-Men. Which one would you choose to be and why?

Mia: If Xavier came up to me and asked me to join them, I’d say “Listen, Charles. Can I call you Charles? Ok, Professor. Unfortunately I don’t have time to join the X-Men right now; I’m on a deadline....Of course, you’re right; saving the world is more important than writing a mildly-liked series, but... (defeated sigh) Ok, is there the possibility of a part-time position?

He’d pretend to accept the part-time deal, then he’d use his mind control powers to make me sign a full-time contract. So for that reason, I’d choose to be Rouge. This way, since touching her can be fatal, the others would stay clear of me when we weren’t out saving the world, and I’d have plenty of time to write. I win.

Thanks, Mia. For those of you who would like to learn more about my daughter's favorite author, here's the link to Mia's website. As a last thought: there is a reason Mia is my daughter's favorite author. If you haven't read Stalking Sapphire or Silencing Sapphire (the first two books of the Sapphire Dubois thriller series) give them a try. Sentencing Sapphire comes out October 6, 2015, and, yes, Abby has pre-ordered it (not that she wouldn't want a signed copy as well, Mia!)

Cheers, p 

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