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Vermont in transition: early spring in the #greenmountainstate #MINI

The Thursday Afternoon #MINI post is back--and with a vengeance. Spring has sprung here in #vermont, although anyone caught outside today might not agree (blustery and cold.) It's the last Thursday of the month, and high time for a pictorial essay--and besides, I need to get the leaves out of the pool or face dire consequences.   Let's get after it:   What else to get us started but a classic watercolor from my favorite artist, Peter Huntoon. And nothing says spring like a cloud of steam rising from a sugarhouse. Can't you just smell the carmelized sugar (I can, because my neighbor is boiling right now.) You guessed it, another Peter Huntoon watercolor. But I couldn't resist it, because this is Vermont, and sometimes winter doesn't go away as quietly or quickly as we would like it to do. The country road, the stereotypical feature of rural Vermont. When I see a picture like this, I just want to grab the dog leash and head out for a walk. The happens

The 5 best thrillers of all time.

Good (Tuesday) morning: it's a landmark post for us--meaning me--at the Tuesday Morning Book Review, Episode#2. I have been hankering to write this one for a while, but other obligations--such as watching basketball and taking a lot of naps--have gotten in the way until now. So, let's get right at it: The 5 best thrillers of all time. (What are the criteria, you ask?  There are no criteria--the book needs only to be a thriller, of any sub-genre, by an author of any nationality, written at any time since Edgar Poe invented the genre.) Here they are, in descending order: 5) The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown. This is one of those no-win selections, because Brown has as many detractors as fans, but the top selling thriller of all time can not be left off the list--but not because it's the top selling thriller of all time. Yes, I know, Brown has some--well-publicized--writing issues, but let's face facts: I couldn't put the darn book down (and neither could any on