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On #MemorialDay, 2014, Books Are More Important Than Ever,

Why Books Are More Importa nt Than Ever   We live in a day and age where the evolution of language and words is driven more by #SocialMedia than books and novels. As both a #Tweeter and a lover of literature old and new, I have mixed feelings about this trend. There is something about the speed of #SocialMedia which alarms me. Consider this: Edgar Poe, who created the thriller, died broke and without any acclaim, and yet his works are now considered to be masterpieces. Contrast this to the blitzkrieg world of #SocialMedia where someone who uploads a cat video can become an icon in a single day--or less. Good or bad? Probably both, but allow me to point out the latter. Poe had substance. Sometimes it takes time for substance to be appreciated. In Poe's case, a hundred years. It takes deep substance to endure a 100 years. Do you think a glitzy cat video has that kind of staying power? Or do you--like me--think it will be forgotten in ten minutes, to be

Introducing The Prose Cons, aka The Gang of Twenty-One.

It has been quiet here at PeterHogenkampWrites , <but I can explain, h onest> Because I didn't have enough to do, I have started a multi -author blog written excl usively by purveyors of the wri tten word . The whole ide a was to get a bunch of like -mi nded people together and c reate a team , with the idea that the whole will be much greater than the sum of the parts. It's called Prose&Cons -- and no, we are not C ons (that you can prove any way, as they assured me those r ecords ha d been expun ged.) Please take a look at the first post of the blog, and come follow us at  Prose&Cons.    Wel come to  Prose&Cons, Edition#1, written by the Prose Cons , aka The Gang of Twenty-One. Prose &Cons will officially la unch May22, but for th ose of you chomping at the bit (my mother and several of her Ca nasta group) I thought I would write an introductory blog explaining wh o we are a nd what we hope to accomplish . And when I say We , I mean w e: Pro

A Brief Guest Blog

Dad, the guest blog tool works. I will now return to studying, for fear of invoking mother's wrath.  You're Welcome,  Danny