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There is supposed to be a WRITING PROCESS?

Before I s tart making fu n of myself (talk about a wealth of material) I want to take a moment to thank Susan Clayton-Goldner for inviting me to foll ow her on this blo g tour about the w rit ing process.  For those of you who don 't know about Susan , let me say that her writing speaks for itself, but consider this: there is something about the way Susan writes  that slices  through the fa cade of every day life to expose the fragile skelet on of human existence. And w ho doesn't want to see what's on the inside? If you are looking for a new author or a new perspective, click on the link for Susan's Website . What am I working on?   I get this question all the time , usually from my patients who want to know wh y I 'm not in my office all the time .   The answer: I  am currently working on Absolution , the first book of the Jesuit thriller se ries . In today's crowded and competitive thriller marke t, a debut author has to make sure a