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The #MINI post is back! #asortofbookreview #TheIntern

Welcome back, All. We have not had a MINI post for a while --and it just so happen s that Chapter 7 of #TheIn tern was published today on #Wa ttpad. (Wha t a coincidence.) Fo r those of you who are interested , a brief intro to The Intern. Why am I writing it? T h ree reasons : 1) I ha ve al ways wanted to write a novel loo sel y based on my i nternsh ip (stre ss loosely) 2) My literary agent, the wonderful  Liz Kracht , suggested I publish a story on #wattpad to get some expos ure . It was a great idea, thanks Liz . ( pictured bel ow.) 3) The prospect of writing serialized fiction appealed to me a s a challenge: The differ ence between serialized fiction and the regula r variety o f fiction is that once you publish an episode (chapter) , you are stuck with it, because your audience has a lready read t he damn thing!!! To this point, the re are a few paragraphs and characters I would dele te or edit , but I am stuck with them--ki nd of l ike my family. (I t ried