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5 reasons readers and writers should be on #Wattpad

Wattpad is going to be the salvation of literature. What makes me say that? As of this moment, there are almost 40 million people spending 9 billion minutes per month reading the 75 million stories on Wattpad. Sounds good, doesn't it. What reader or writer doesn't like to hear about that kind of en masse participation in reading and writing, especially given the high percentage of younger people on the site. The next time some old fart says that no one reads anymore, tell him about Wattpad; the numbers are irrefutable, and they are growing, by leaps and bounds, on a daily basis. So, here they are, the five reasons readers and writers should be on Wattpad: 5) In this day and age, writers need to work harder than ever to find an audience. What better place to look than a website that has 75 million readers looking for good writing? 4) Readers have always known that the best way to find a good book has always been word of mouth, and that's what drives Wattpad, word of