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The 5 Lessons I Learned from writing Serial Fiction: What You can pick up from #GameOfThrones #GOT

Like so many of my ideas with which I later struggled, writing a serialized novella on Wattpad seemed like a good idea at the time. What's the big deal? Write. Edit. Publish. Repeat. From the standpoint of a writer trying to remain patient as his first novel slowly makes its way to the bookshelves (getting there!) the immediacy of it was the most appealing aspect. Write. Edit. Publish. Repeat. Nothing to it, right? Not so fast. Writing serial fiction challenges you in ways you may never have expected, and, in doing so, teaches you to become a better writer. Here are the five (hard) lessons I learned: Lesson 1 ) Let me ask you something: What keeps you waiting for the next episode of your favorite series? I am willing to bet it is the characters. #GOT comes out in April (and I can't wait to be reaquainted with Lord Tyrion and Daenerys Stormborn (I would have said Ned and Rob Stark but... well, you know) even though I, having read the books, know what happens. My motivat

Sex, Lies and #Hashtags: The Return of the #MINI

The #MINI returns--in the nick of time. Those of you who read The 7 Unbreakable Rules of #SocialMedia will know what I am talking about. Rule 7, Don't Be Inconsistent, says that I can't go long periods of time without posting. I was just about to break that rule, but the #MINI comes to the rescue. Whheewwww! Today's #MINI will be--short, of course, as the guidelines of the #MINI are clear--and devoted to the current State of the Internet; hence the Sex, Lies and #Hashtags subtitle. In preparation for today's blog, I spent a lot of time perusing my favorite #socialmedia--actually, I was just doing that anyway, but let's say I was doing research, sounds way better. What does my research tell me? I have come to the conclusion that the Internet was invented for the sole purpose of promulgating self-published erotica, the mass distribution of photoshopped Kim Kardashian butt photos, and the privilege of watching cat videos in the privacy of your own home--or in line a