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How to write an Author Bio

You've just heard the good news that your dream agent wants your full manuscript . But there is a catch--she wants an author bio as well. Well, if you're JK Rowling, that is a mighty easy job: How does "Author of the most popular series of books in the history of publishing" grab you? Pretty good! The problem is, you are not JK Rowling. You are you, and you are reading this because an author bio was requested and you have no idea what to write. The issue here isn't really about the writing itself--you are a writer, for heaven's sake--it's the lack of things to write about. If you were the lead correspondent for CNN, you would have written that; if you had ghostwritten three best-selling memoirs, you would have written that; if you were the world's leading expert on human cloning, you would have written that. But just because you are not any of these three things (or a host of others), does not mean you can't write. It does mean you will hav

Comings and Goings

From the last chapter of The Intern  (TouchPoint Press 4/2020) How long Maggie remained there, crying in the dark, she would never be sure. Time lost definition in that murky, airless cubicle; the only thing she was aware of was her sorrow and a strong sense of unfairness. It was unfair, she thought, that anyone would come into the world the way Bobby had, spit out from his crack-head mother's womb under a bridge. It was unfair he had lived his whole life in a succession of foster homes and charitable institutions, never having experienced the comfort and solace of a real home. It was unfair he had been diagnosed with cancer at age seven, a high grade leukemia against which all the weapons of modern medicine had proven useless. And it was unfair--terribly, grossly unfair--he had died alone, without Maggie there to hold his hand as he passed from this world into the next. This paragraph is from the last chapter of The Intern , my first published novel. The Inter

5 Easy Steps to getting a Literary Agent!

You have finished your novel, and your first queries to literary agents have met with little success. What now? You CAN get a literary agent, you just have to take the essential steps first. What are they? I am reposting a blog I wrote for the QueryTrackerBlog to help you on your quest to being agented and traditionally published. If you haven't signed up for QueryTracker yet, keep in mind that I wouldn't have signed with an agent without it. The 5 Essential Steps to Getting a Literary Agent It was seven years ago, but I can remember it like it was today. I woke up on the day before Thanksgiving, booted up my computer, and saw the e-mail in my inbox. "I have reviewed your query letter and the first five pages of your manuscript and I would like to read more; can you please e-mail me the first 50 pages along with your author bio and and a list of comparable titles." Now, by virtue of the fact that you are reading this blog on QueryTracker, I suspect

If You Can't Beat Them...

As many of you will know, it's the 21st Century, the era of digitilization, a tough time for us old school hold-outs who still love books. Or is it? Now that I have finally decided that the internet is here to stay, I am going to utilize it to promote books and literature. (If only I had thought of this earlier!) Yes, that's right, I am going to harness the tremendous power of YouTube to bring books back into the limelight. Introducing The Book Vlog, on YouTube: where I spend less than 5 minutes every week vlogging about books you should be reading. Cuz if you can't beat them, join them. Before we begin, keep in mind that the person you are about to see is not a professional actor, it's me. Also, the video is filmed with my Iphone, held in a toaster, which was how I managed to get the best angle (huge points for cinematography.) Having said that, It's about content, right? Good books=good content, or at least am I hoping. Ok, without further ado; The Book Vlog, E