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The #MINI Book Review: The Lost Island by Preston&Child

I had high expectations when I settled back into my airline seat and cracked open The Lost Island , Preston&Child's third Gideon Crew novel. I mean, why wouldn't I? I have read--and enjoyed--all of their previous Pendergast novels, and the first two installments of the Gideon Crew series did not disappoint in any way. But high expectations can be a curse: think John Grisham after The Pelican Brief;  Zune; Windows Vista; MicroSoft WordPerfect (still having PTSD after buying that);  Caddyshack2;  Jaws2 . Not to worry here, though: when the wheels touched down in Denver I wanted to ask the pilot to park on the tarmac for a while so I could continue reading.  How is it, you ask, that these guys (Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child) are able to grab hold of the reader and pull him in to the story each and every time? Preston&Child do it by creating--in my opinion--the best plots in thrillerdom: original, well-researched, SF/F type plots that they ground so well in real