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Movie review: Spectre, on the Saturday Evening Blog Post, Edition #18

J ames Bond is more than a character in film and liter a ture . James Bond is an icon , a fact that makes it exponentially more difficult for the direct ors, pro ducers and actors o f any given Bond film, who have--in addition to ev er ything else-- poste rity to face. Bon d films endure; Bo nd films collect on shelves and cases ; Bond films are a genre of their own . And so I am sure t hat it was not without some trepidation that director Sam Mendes se t about making Spec tre, the 24th Bond film i n a 52-year era. As any Bon d fan can tell you, the opening scene from a Bond film sets the stage for the movie -- in dramatic fas hion --and the opening s ce ne in Spectre sets the stage in classic Bond style , b rash and spectacular , leaving you r mouth watering f or more. The cinematography is consistent and excellent , subtle in p laces and over the top in the others , another trademark of the g enre. The locations are every thing you have come to expect ; sp lashy, histo

Fifty is the New Fifty: The Saturday Evening Blog Post, Edition#17

We have all heard it before, Sixty is the new Forty, and now, the recent corollary, Fifty is the new thirty. Well, having turned 51 this past March, I am taking objection. Yes, that's right, you heard me: I am fifty, dammit, and I don't want to be thirty again. Being thirty again would mean I would have to give away 20 years of hard-earned experience, and I am not willing to do that. Being 30 again would also mean I have to: Throw out two decades of learning and knowledge. Hell NO! Wipe clean nearly a quarter century of memories, both good and bad. Nahhhh. I earned every grey hair and wrinkle, and I am going to keep them. There is a greater point here, though, (and sooner or later I am going to get around to making it.)   We live in a culture that is dominated by youth. If you need evidence of this, just turn on the TV. In less than one program, you will be assaulted by advertisements promising you that you can look younger, feel younger, and, yes, even be younger. (J