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The Travelers: A Novel, on the #MINI Book Review

The Travelers , a novel by Chris Pavone, takes off on a similar course as did The Ex-Pats and The Accident, Pavone's first two efforts, which were both widely read and critically acclaimed. But this is Pavone's third novel, and the third novel can be tricky. Stay the course too much and one is accused of being formulaic; there are whispers of stagnation. Change it up too much and run the risk of losing your hard-earned readership. No problem for Pavone. In his best work to date, the accomplished novelist takes a similar premise (a reluctant protagonist, ill-suited for spycraft by both training and inclination, thrust into the shadowy world of espionage and deceit) and travels with it, going beyond the horizons he established with his previous books, a transcendence he achieves almost wholly though his brilliant prose. The Ex-Pats and The Accident  both feature outstanding settings, great pacing and superb plotting, and so does The Travelers, but this one, the critica