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Dear Evan Hansen: A play review, on the Thursday Afternoon #MINI

The best way to judge any piece or art is by the story it tells, and by the way it tells it. To be truly great, a piece has to have both, a great story told brillaintly. I have never really thought about muscial theatre in the same way I thought about poetry, painting, music compostion or literature, but  Dear Evan Hansen changed that for me, two minutes after the curtain went up. From the opening number ( Anybody Have a Map? ) Tony-Award winning Rachel Ray Jones left little doubt that the story was going to be told well, but I still had some nagging suspicion about the story itself.  Just another teen drama?  I had heard a lot of buzz about Ben Platt prior to the show as my wife and I waited in the long line to get in, but I got it as soon as Waving through a Window stuck a knife straight into my gut. The Tony Award winner delivered a powerful yet controlled and emotional yet not overly indulgent performance that made me want to hit play again as soon as it was over (something