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Millers All Day: A Dining Review on the #MINI

Millers All Day is the kind of restaraunt that makes you want to be hungry. My wife, daughter and I were strolling down King Street in Historic Downtown Charleston and we just kinda ran into the place at a time when my wife was hungry (and therefore everyone was hungry, if you get my meaning.) So we went in. The first good sign was that queue was good and long. As I tell my patients when I'm running late: When you're going out to eat, you pull over when you see the line of people spilling out the door, and you get in the back of the line. <Patient gives confused look as to why I am telling this story> The moral of the story is that people will wait for good food. We waited. When I go out to eat, I like a place with a good vibe. Millers All Day has a real good vibe; there's a good buzz of conversation, but it isn't too loud, and people were having a good time. I like good food as much as the next guy, but I don't like places that are so reverent ab