The Thursday Afternoon #MINI post: The number 1 most annoying cliche of all time--and why I hate it.

Something new on the #MINI (about time, you say?) Let's call it--A short essay on popular culture. Today's inaugural post will be about one of my favorite things to harp about: how much I cringe when I hear "It is what is is."

It is what it is. This cliche ranks highest on my cringe meter, with a straight 10/10. I could go on for hours about this one, but the rules of the #MINI post are clear: short and to the point. So, let's use an example of how this 'expression' might be used.

Man talking to glum-appearing friend: "What happened to you?"
Glum-looking friend--let's call him Dave--replies; "My wife left me because I slept with the cleaning lady, my brother won't speak to me because I stole money from my parents, and I lost my job because I was in a bad mood one day and told my boss to bugger off."
"I am sorry to hear that, Dave."
"It's okay. It is what it is."

See my point? Perhaps if Dave had made better choices, It might not be what it is. Perhaps Dave might learn from his mistakes if he didn't blow them off as existentially fated blather. Maybe Dave should hold himself accountable for his torment, and stop trying to pass it off as some kind of inevitable calamity over which he had no control.

Still not convinced? Here's another 'hypothetical' scenario. Woman--named Dolores--talking to her doctor: "So, Doc, how are my labs?"
Doctor--let's call her Taylor--glances at computer screen and barely avoids scowling. "Well, Dolores, your cholesterol is at an all-time high, your blood-pressure is high enough to work a hydraulic lift, and if my IRA was up as high as your blood sugar, I could retire tomorrow. I can see you haven't been following your diet."
"You know how I love my ice cream and martinis."
"Yes, you've mentioned that before. But do you also love your children?"
"Oh sure, they're pretty good too."
"Then perhaps you should lay off the martinis?"
"With my job? I don't think so! Look, Taylor, I appreciate your concern, but (wait for it) It is what it is. Just give me some more pills."

And know you why I hate the most annoying expression ever--and why the healthcare system is teetering on the brink of insolvency. Dolores isn't about to put down her Grey Goose martini--shaken, not stirred--or push aside the Cherry Garcia, not when she has such a clever expression to make her feel better. Besides, her health premiums are all paid up and she only has a ten-dollar co-pay. A night at home without Grey Goose and Ben and Jerry's? Don't think so.

Thanks again for your support--and sorry about the tardiness of this post. But (list of weak excuses) It is what it is. 


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