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The memories of Christmas past.... The Saturday Evening blog Post, edition#12

It is three days to Christmas and time to think about Christmas's past (and greatly embellish them.) So, today, for your reading pleasure, here are some highlights (and lowlights) from the last forty years of Hogenkamp family Christmas celebrations. The year without a Santa Claus (circa 1978): I was ten or so, and I had a hankering for a BB gun you wouldn't believe--unless you are a ten year-old boy. I can still remember the make and model, a Crosman Model 760. I made sure to show my mother the exact gun I wanted at our local sporting goods store, and recollect that she said, 'We'll see,' a sure sign I wasn't getting it. And sure enough, when Christmas morning dawned there was no Crossman 760 under the tree--on the positive side, I did get a pair of Levi's corduroy pants in a mauve color. In protest, I refused to put clothes on, and spent the next three days in my long underwear. (Ok, ok, but I was ten--or twelve maybe, who can remember?) Christmas in

#december in #vermont, a pictorial essay on the Thursday afternoon #MINI post

Welcome, #MINI fans. Due to the success (remember, success is a relative term) of my #november in #vermont post last month, I have decided to dedicate the 3rd #MINI of every month to a pictorial essay featuring #vermont scenes I have captured on my iPhone, so those of you who don't live in the #greenmountainstate can get a sense of what it is like the whole year round. (And, yes, there are lots of cows.) Just a quick plug before we get started: if you haven't read #theintern, the serialized novel I am writing on #wattpad, I am posting the links below. If you have, note that segment 3 is published and also posted below: The Intern; Chapter 1, The Boy in Room 12 The Intern, Chapter 1, segment 2 The Intern, Chapter 1, segment 3 The ubiquitous red barn   #burdock (also ubiquitous) #merrychristmasCharlieBrown Penguins are native to Vermont A fern in winter blackberries gone by

The best made plans.... Introducing serial fiction on The Saturday Evening Blog Post.

I had great blogging plans for today... I swear it. But then it started to snow.... and snow... and snow. I suspect you are guessing how weather disrupted my blogging plans--blogging being an indoor sport and all--but it did indeed. My son's flight from Boston was cancelled and I was dispatched to retrieve him, that's how. So, having accomplished my mission, and come back from a nice snowshoe in 18 inches of fresh powder, I am going to try something new. And that something new is serial fiction, but with a twist. Rather than finish the whole work and then publish it, one chapter at a time, I am posting each 3-4 page segment as I write it. The challenge presented is that the author (me) loses the significant power of revision. For example, when I wrote my first manuscript, I needed to re-write the first chapter three times to make it fit as the rest of the novel evolved. In my current predicament, I get one shot at it and one shot only. If I create a character I don't li

All I want for #Christmas2013 The Thursday Afternoon #MINI Post, Edition #10

Yup, you guessed it, I've finally resorted to tricks, gimmickry and #trending #hashtags. (What did you expect: good content?) For this Thursday's #MINI I am posting my Christmas list. And while this might seem somewhat self-serving (ummm, it seems very self-serving...) please read it before you come to any rash judgements. (What's that? Already too late?) Let me preface by saying, having just redone the kitchen, my stocking will be empty this year, so I have been thinking about gifts the world needs--like for #MylieCyrus to move to Siberia. Ok, so that was cheap, but you get the point--and #Mylie deserved it. In no particular order: #1 An end to #RealityTV as we know it. If I want reality, I will just open up my eyes in the morning and go about my day. When I sit down and watch TV (and #RealityTV has given new meaning to the term, #BoobTube) I want some damn good writing. And I don't think I am alone, hence the popularity of #BreakingBad #DowntonAbbey #TheWire #Ga

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone, a guest blog on the Saturday Evening blog Post.

                                                                 Good evening Post fans. We have--yet another--treat for you; a guest blog written by my brother-in-law, Tim Sayles. But, before you read the post, be aware of three things about Tim. 1) If charisma were worth money, he would be in a higher tax bracket that Bill Gates. 2) He is the best natural born actor I know, which is the reason I always find myself in trouble whenever he's around. (Go ahead and click on the link I have provided to see his award-winning short film ) 3) He brings the thunder. (Don't ask--you are better off not knowing... plausible deniability and all that.) Ok, here's Tim. First, I want to thank Peter for asking me to share on his forum.   Those that have been following his posts should know by now what I have known for years.   He is a modern day Renaissance Man.   His constant testing of his boundaries amaze and inspire me.   I recently acted in a movie for a film fest

Publish or Perish: The Thursday Afternoon #MINI post, Edition #9

                                                                      I have been getting a lot of questions lately about where I am in the publishing process right now (Ok, mostly from my mother, but still....) so I thought I would devote the #MINI to an update on my progress. Warning: I am feeling a strong desire for self-deprication, so if your stomach is a little queasy, you may want to skip to the end. (But please leave a comment anyway--good comments only, of course.) > First things first, I do not have a book contract yet, but my ueber-agent, Liz Kracht, and I are working on it. Publishing is a slow business, and patience is not a virtue--it is a necessity. So I am practicing patience and humility (##gggrrrrr!) and Lord knows I need the practice. >In the meantime, I am working on other projects and blogging. And I have to be honest; I started my blog because Liz 'suggested' that a blog might be a good way to build an audience, but I have found that I enjoy the