#december in #vermont, a pictorial essay on the Thursday afternoon #MINI post

Welcome, #MINI fans. Due to the success (remember, success is a relative term) of my #november in #vermont post last month, I have decided to dedicate the 3rd #MINI of every month to a pictorial essay featuring #vermont scenes I have captured on my iPhone, so those of you who don't live in the #greenmountainstate can get a sense of what it is like the whole year round. (And, yes, there are lots of cows.) Just a quick plug before we get started: if you haven't read #theintern, the serialized novel I am writing on #wattpad, I am posting the links below. If you have, note that segment 3 is published and also posted below:

The Intern; Chapter 1, The Boy in Room 12

The Intern, Chapter 1, segment 2

The Intern, Chapter 1, segment 3

The ubiquitous red barn

#burdock (also ubiquitous)


Penguins are native to Vermont

A fern in winter

blackberries gone by


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